Stephanie Kirylych

Boston, MA

I merge spiritual principles with practical wellness strategies to help women lose emotional weight and gain healthy habits.

I wasn’t always an oily guru. In fact I was a major oily skeptic for years. I just didn’t get it. Until I ordered my first oil – Stress Away. I put a few drops on my wrists and behind my ears before leaving for work. That day my commute was exceptionally challenging which would typically send me directly to crazytown. But that day was different. I felt calmer and was able to handle the stress with more ease. That night I got home and ordered more Young Living essential oils! I love using oils to support my emotional, spiritual and physical health. I’ve reduced my toxic load by using essential oils to create my own skincare and cleaning products. I replaced my chemical filled perfume with essential oils. And my meditation practice is deeper since incorporating oils. I love using essential oils in my health coaching practice too. Request a free session at –>

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Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level I & II with Gabrielle Bernstein
Holistic health coach
Using oils since May 01, 2016
Boston, MA essential oils
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