Becki Garcia

Nogales, AZ

My Story...

About three years ago I began looking for chemical-free cleaning products. I started hearing about all the toxins in the products I had in my home and I a wanted natural option. I wasn’t sure where to start.

A friend of mine posted about essential oils and told me about an oil-infused cleaning product that was plant-based. I was so grateful.

I ordered my oils and plant-based cleaning product and I’ve never looked back! I threw out my old cleaning products and candles. My house smells wonderful. I’m so happy because my family and I are no longer exposed to harsh chemicals as I clean and live.

Work, family, cleaning, laundry, cooking, and the daily routine of life can be extremely stressful! I was looking for peace and simplicity and I needed an EASY way to support my family’s health and create a chemical-free home. Young Living essential oils were my answer.

Essential oils have replaced our cleaning and beauty products. The diffuser has replaced my toxic air-fresheners and candles. We also use essential oils to support our family’s health and well-being. I love helping others find simplicity and peace in their homes by using essential oils. If you are interested in becoming chemical-free in your home and if you would like to support you and your family’s health with essential oils, I would love to help! It’s easy and fun!

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