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I recently turned forty and I feel WAY better than I did a year ago! My journey started about 8 months ago when I ordered my Young Living essential oils. I started using them daily and have never felt better! Before using essential oils I often felt tired and worn out. In the last 10 years I have worked nights, worked 24 hour shifts, obtained my Bachelor degree, consumed lots of junk food, birthed 2 children, breastfed 2 children, care for many patients, and neglected myself.

Since I started using Young Living essential oils:
– I have more energy
– I am happier and healthier
– I have less sneezing/runny nose due to dust/pollen
– Better sleep
– Five mile walks with my hubby
– More workouts
– Reconnected with some amazing friends
– Natural Hormone support
– Natural immune support
– Chemical-free home
I realized I was taking care of everyone but myself. You can’t help others unless you first take care of yourself! What are you going to do for yourself today? You are worth it!

Work, family, cleaning, laundry, cooking, and the daily routine of life can be extremely stressful! I was looking for peace and simplicity and I needed an EASY way to support my family’s health and create a chemical-free home. Young Living essential oils were my answer.

Essential oils have replaced our cleaning and beauty products. The diffuser has replaced my toxic air-fresheners and candles. We also use essential oils to support our family’s health and well-being. I love helping others find simplicity and peace in their homes by using essential oils. If you are interested in becoming chemical-free in your home and if you would like to support you and your family’s health with essential oils, I would love to help! It’s easy and fun!

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