Cynthia Krizo

New Orleans, LA

Super Mom and Yogi!

Growing up on a farm in Kent Ohio with Native American, Russian and German Grandparents I was taught to live and feed off the Earth. Choosing Whole fresh Foods to eat and making tinctures from wild Herbs found on the farm and in the forest was Second (first) Nature to me. So when I discovered the healing properties of Essential Oils Already distilled and Bottled up for me I was in Heaven!
With a Dance and Graphic Design Background, I found as I got older that my body would ache and scream out to me in the most peculiar ways… I never went to the doctors as a child because of the healthy lifestyle I lived…But with age comes Responsibility and Doctors Appointments were included, so I thought. The Doctors remedies were Pills and antibiotics that actually made me feel worse or would give me weird infections, So I did some research and started turning to Oils as a safe and alternative remedy for the side effects and very shortly after for all kinds of ailments.
I have also been turning to my Yoga practice for almost 20 Years. Through Yoga I have found “Ayurveda” which is the Indian Science Of Life, the Sister Science of Yoga. When making tinctures and body products I look at The Ayurvedic side of the oils as well. I also use Essential Oils in my daily Routine, I drink them in the morning, I put them in my bath,  I wear them on my body. I make tinctures for my Children for when they are sick or have a bobo. I use them on my students or diffuse them in the air When I teach Yoga, When I give a Thai Massage Even when I am giving Reiki.
I am currently a Yoga Teacher, a Reiki 3 Master and have just received my Thai Yoga Massage Certification after a 3 month stay (with my 2 small children) in Chiang Mai Thailand.
I also offer Ayurvedic Consultations, Rawfood Nutrition, A 3 week Life Immersion Cleansing Program, Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing.
I am the SuperMom of 2 beautiful young children and I am ready to try my best to help you feel better!

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Graphic Designer
Yoga Teacher, Reiki 3 Master, Certified Thai Yoga Therapist
Using oils since March 31, 1995
New Orleans, LA essential oils
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