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I began my holistic and chemical free journey out of a necessity for myself and my small family-furry kids included. We needed to be in control of our own health and on a budget. After a year of research and experimenting it was determined Young Living was the best company for me and my family. Today, we use essential oils combined with a healthy diet and use of herbs we grow for holistic health not only on ourselves, but on our dogs as well. It has been an incredible journey of learning what each essential oil can do for our health and giving us freedom to choose how we utilize them not only for our health care needs, but also transitioning to a chemically free life.

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My Why

Posted by Caitlin
June 13, 2016

The more I dive deeper into the world of self-sustainability and living in balance with nature the more I get the question of “why?”. “Why are you doing this?”, “You must just be really bored, huh?”, “Where did this even come from?”. My personal favorite is when people are shocked that I’m a conservative because I’m such a “hippy”. So, I figured I needed to really ponder my ‘why’.

I pondered it as I cleaned the kitchen, I pondered as I spot cleaned the carpets and picked up dog poo. I even tried to sit outside with a glass of sweet tea to ponder my ‘why’ until my baby wookie (Sadie) decided she was going to try and attack small children. I pondered as I started the laundry hoping my new homemade detergent doesn’t kill my washer that’s seen better days. I pondered until I couldn’t ponder anymore and it came to me. My ‘why’ changes as I grow and will never stay the same.

My journey into this lifestyle was birthed out of a need. I was recently divorced and money was tight which meant I needed to buy less so I could live within my means. As a result I began making my own moisturizers with essential oils. I had great success with this experiment and it saved me on average $15 dollars a month. I also started taking walks in the woods with Zoey because I needed to have time by myself to really process my current life situation. Spending time in nature and learning how to make something for myself took root in my very soul and blossomed into almost a challenge of what can I do or make next.

This spirit of challenge then became my ‘why’. I wanted to see how far I could go and what more I could learn. This resulted in a failed vegetable garden and a new obsession with trying to capture nature through the lens of my camera. While my garden failed that year I developed a sense of oneness with the earth and I felt closer to God spiritually, physically, and emotionally in a way I can’t even describe. Even on the most miserable days the joy, peace, and spiritual healing I received connecting with nature healed my soul and gave me the ability to create a new beginning and self. Maybe that’s when people began to see me as a hippy?

Today, my ‘why’ is both a challenge and a spiritual high. It is also a lifestyle I want to create for myself and my future family. Living a self-sustainable life isn’t about removing myself from the government or any political or social agenda one might think it represents. It’s not an easy way of living and it’s hard work. You live off of what you are able to make and grow for yourself or share with others in your community. It’s also not a hippy commune like some have told me I need to go to tongue in cheek. It’s living the way God intended you to live.

Adam and Eve were originally placed in a garden where all their needs were met. They were surrounded by nature and animals of every kind. Each with the ability to meet their needs. Plants for nourishment and medicinal purposes. Animals for companionship and helpmates of sorts. God intended for us to be connected. How amazing is that?

Look outside your door and what do you see? Weeds? Flowers? Some small animal? Each of these beings have a purpose. Some see dandelions as a pest that needs to be killed. I see a beautiful flower that provides me and my future family with holistic health benefits from pain relief to liver and digestive health. That, my friends, is not an accident.

My lifestyle does and will continue to provide me with control of my life and wallet as well as freedom from the use of harmful chemicals. Using essential oils for my health and my dogs health free me from constantly spending money on expensive drugs and doctor appointments. It also gives me the freedom and total control of my own health the way I want it to be. Not that I disregard the importance of doctors and their expertise, but I know my body better than they will and I enjoy using a holistic approach to my health.

I even really enjoy helping others see the benefits of living such a lifestyle and realizing they can also free themselves and live a life God had planned for us.

While I’m sure my ‘why’ will continue to change as I grow in all aspects I do know my love for creation and feeling of connection with God will only grow stronger. Maybe in the end that’s really my ‘why’.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me405140_2927684869157_1322520138_n

Chemically Free Me

Posted by Caitlin
June 29, 2016

chemical-free-before-and-after_origI’ve been on this journey of using only natural based holistic approaches for a couple of years now. It just made more sense for me not only monetarily, but I also wanted to stay away from chemicals.

This past week I finally did it! I finally felt confident enough to clean out my medicine cabinet and leave only natural products behind. How did I do it? I did it through lots of research, trusting in the herbs I grow, and essential oils. It was so scary at first going from products I’ve used my whole life and trusted to beginning to trust herbal remedies and oils. How silly? When those remedies have been around since the beginning of time and there are countless stories being told of how these remedies are performing better in some cases compared to modern day medications.

I’m not completely against modern day medicines of course. I’m so glad God has inspired men and women who have created such drugs to help cure ailments where plant based medicines may not always perform as effectively. I do not, however, want to rely on such drugs and synthetic ingredients for every day ailments like allergies, digestive concerns, or aches and pains. Those are where my holistic approaches come in.

Learning about all the plants God created and how they impact my health and body has been an incredible journey! I can’t wait until everything in my home is completely nature based!

Balancing Hormones Naturally; My Journey

Posted by Caitlin
September 12, 2016

Hormones. It’s almost taboo to talk about some of the things women go through once a month. We give it cute names like Shark Week and we joke at how PMS symptoms turn us into witches. It’s all cute and fun, but some of us are struggling behind that smile more than you realize. It’s all because of hormones.

My struggle with hormones began at 16. I was an incredibly hormonal teenager and my periods were just terrible! I would leave school for a whole week because the cramps were so bad I felt like I was dying. My face was all broke out, my mood swings were out of this world, and I was fighting symptomatic depression. The doctors and my mother decided being on birth control was the best way to minimize my symptoms and balance me out. Ten years later I learned the truth about birth control and how to manage my hormones naturally. Thus sprung my personal vendetta against birth control and my journey into finding a natural way to prevent pregnancy and balance my body out naturally in 3 simple steps!

First, we need to talk about hormones. What they are and how they impact our body. In short, the pituitary gland sends hormone messages to your other glands and other areas of the body to signal your body functions into action. Without hormones or a proper balance of hormones your body cannot control things like blood pressure and work to overcome or reduce various cancers. As females we mostly hear about estrogen, but we need a balance of estrogen and progesterone in our bodies to work together. The problem comes when this partnership is upset due to an increase of something called xenoestrogens. This is literally a foreign estrogen that seeps into you body from the environment around you creating an increase of fake estrogen overcoming progesterone These xenoestrogens can be found in household cleaners, food, make-up, detergents, feminine products, and much more. Because of this, we start having all sorts of complications including infertility and aging faster… yikes!!

Birth control doesn’t aid in balancing out natural estrogen or progesterone either. The synthetic and chemically made hormones we pump into our bodies in hopes of balancing out our natural hormones is actually part of the problem! We can’t regulate or get our body back to normal if we add toxic and chemically made hormones into our bodies. Not only that, many women experience horrible side effects from this form of contraceptive. Check out this article to learn more about the lessons we’ve learned from birth control over 50 years. (If I haven’t lost you already, stay tuned because there is a natural way to get pregnant or prevent pregnancy.)

Okay, birth control bad and we know we can’t control our environment fully, but what can we do to decrease our exposure to xenostrogens? The first thing is to transition your home to chemically free cleaning. There are a ton of products out there and I encourage you to read the labels before purchasing. Not all “natural” products are natural. I trust my household cleaning to Young Living’s Thieves cleaning line. A little bit goes a long way and I don’t feel like I spend as much time cleaning than I did with store bought items. Other products from Young Living such as oils and bath essentials are also helping me achieve a total detox of my home.

After you’ve detoxed your cleaning products and began detoxing your personal bath products it’s time to think about your feminine products. This is the part everyone hates especially because I believe we’ve been conditioned to think we have to have these items. I used to think so too. I used to use tampons daily during my cycle and each month I’d end up with a horrible yeast infection. It is not healthy for a woman to have a yeast infection once a month. 3 times a year, maybe, but once a month is too much and so unhealthy. Build up of yeast can actually hinder your ability to get pregnant. Anyway, I was finally told by a doctor I needed to stop wearing tampons because they were the cause of my infections. I stopped and my symptoms did get better, but not entirely. That got me into researching further where I found out most feminine products on the shelf are made with harmful chemicals! You can read all about the various concerns here. So scary! That is the most sensitive part of our bodies and we’ve been putting chemicals down there! Plus! These companies aren’t obligated to say what chemicals are in their products because they aren’t labeled as medical equipment. That’s insane.

Thankfully there are some great options for alternatives to pads and tampons. If you enjoy the traditional pad and tampon Honest Company sells 100% cotton and  organic feminine products at a reasonable price. I have not tried these yet to give you a full review.

Menstrual cups are also becoming increasingly popular. I tried a cup recommended for me by Put a Cup in It that I am just so impressed with. It’s not only comfortable, it’s reusable, and I can wear it all day long without the fear of getting TSS. I highly recommend getting out of your comfort zone and trying a cup out.

Cloth menstrual pads are also a great option for your cycle. Like the cups these are washable and reusable so you are saving money in the long run. I’ve made a couple of these myself and I have them available for purchase here. I was very happy with my choice to go cloth!

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition is the very most important step you need to take next to balance out those estrogen and progesterone hormones! I take a shot of Ningxia Red every day to support 9 different areas of my body, including my hormone health. This is a jam packed drink that makes sure I’m running on full instead of empty. It is also best to begin decreasing sugar intake, processed foods, sodas, and begin eating organic. It’s hard I know, but your body will thank you later!

We’ve talked about nutrition and home detox next we need to discuss the third way to make your hormones happy. That is with happy hormone supplements and products. There are a lot of hormone aiding products out there, but I personally use Young Living because of their Seed to Seal promise on every bottle of oil. One of the best resources I’ve read in regards to using oils to balance hormones is: Taming the Dragon Within. This resource discusses all the various oils you can use to aid in supporting the hormone balance needed for a healthy life. There is also a ton of PMS troubleshooting help available inside this book.

Oils I personally use to support a natural cycle are: Dragon Time to support my estrogen heavy section of my cycle and Progessence Plus to support the progesterone heavy section of my cycle. I also put on Endoflex to support my thyroid every day. Each has an incredible role to play in supporting balanced hormones. Your cycle has three parts: Your period until ovulation which is high in estrogen hormones. That’s what gets your body ready to produce an egg for fertilization. Once ovulation occurs progesterone begins to take over to help your egg stay attached to the uterine wall in order for a pregnancy to occur. If there is not enough progesterone in the body then the egg will be discarded and there will be either no pregnancy or a miscarriage. The progesterone is also important for extending the luteal phase of the cycle. This phase is the moment that determines pregnancy or no. The longer the phase the better chance the egg has sticking to the uterus.

Taking these oils when they are appropriate in the cycle helps me maintain normalcy and has even decrease some feminine issues. It has been a huge help in balancing out my hormones.

The cycle being normal and these hormones being balanced are incredibly important for a healthy pregnancy or getting pregnant at all.

One of the best resources I’ve ever read in regards to tracking your cycle to prevent or become pregnant has been Taking Charge of Your Fertility. In this book the author talks about the normal cycle in depth and everything that is involved with it. From there she teaches you how to read your body signs and temperature to determine ovulation time. Your body can only get pregnant one week out of entire month. So, we are taking a medicine to prevent pregnancy that can only happy 1/4 of the time and that’s assuming your body is functioning normally and everything is in balance. Becoming pregnant is truly a miracle that needs all the right circumstances to occur. The author talks about this in-depth and provides a wonderful tutorial showing how to track your cycle to naturally prevent pregnancy. She even troubleshoots common concerns among women.

Balancing your hormones is a tough journey many of us are currently on or beginning to embark on, but there are natural and safe options out there to help you regulate and balance your hormone levels. I have personally had great results with this lifestyle change and I’m slowly on the track to having a completely normal cycle! After 10 years of birth control I’m happy to say I’m officially managing my hormone imbalance naturally!!

If you’d like to know more about the oils I use to help regulate my hormones and how I use them please email me via the contact page.

**Please note I am not a health care professional nor am I able to prescribe or diagnose any ailments.Balanced stones with butterfly

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