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Who am I, you ask?

Hello friends, my name is Jemuelle. I am wife to Heath and mother to two beautiful daughters, Olive and Penelope, and one very handsome son, Atticus. I am sharing Young Living as a way to bring light to some of natures blessings. Just as the moon looks to the sun, absorbs its light, and reflects it to the earth below to light our night sky and bring beauty in the darkness, I aim to absorb and glean inspiration and information on living a wholesome life that is fulfilling and nourishing to the mind, body and soul from the people around me and reflect that light on to all of you with beauty and life.  Over the last 10 years or so i’ve been researching and slowly implementing more health conscious practices for our family including food choices, exercise, and reducing chemicals in the home and replacing them with more natural versions that are also easy on the budget.  I say “slowly” because I am a slow learner.  I’ll just come right out and say that.  I have never been a quick learner.  I have to get to a place where I feel that I truly understand a new thing before it sticks, but once it sticks, it sticks. Over these 10 years I have been tackling lifestyle changes one very small step at a time.  I have learned a lot and I have a whole lot more to learn. I am happy to help you learn more about living a more health conscious life starting with integrating essential oils into the daily routine. It is truly life changing. Welcome aboard.

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