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As everyone know that everyone including myself is getting older,  have kids,  have pets, and always get pummeled with struggles of finding energy, stabilize moods, getting our kids to get along,  finishing homework, going to bed peacefully, running errands.

Sound Familiar? I have all that running daily in my household. I realize that we are not the type of family that runs to the doctor for every little cuts, aches & pains. I wanted to invest in something that would help our family accomplish the “healthy” lifestyle.

OILS. I’ve grew up with a grandmother who lived for Melaluca Oils. She loaded that oil in every,  EVERYTHING. I loved the smell of it. People think they stink,  But it screams “home” for me.

As I gotten older,  33,  to be exact. I’ve got few friends who are living their life quite oily.   I loved the idea & was intrigued. Had to look into it. I chose to go with YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS brand rather the other few to start with. I’ve gotten my FIRST package two weeks ago. I have been amazed every single day with what these few oils I have been playing with. I’ve helped a few people to solve some minor concerns: feeling really cold-drop of thieves, drop of frankincense in coconut oil and put it in few locations. She’s warm again. A child was struggling to make bowel movements,  been to the doctor twice, been on straight BRAT diet,  nothing was working. I offered to loan my Dewdrop diffuser to diffuse DiGize, and make a cool concoction of Digize, Peppermint in Coconut Oil to use to massage the belly.. that night.. the toilet got busy.  My kid, struggles to finish his homework,  I Diffuse Stress Away, and Purification alternately, he’s more mellow,  he’s completing his homework in an hour rather than 3-5 hour into the night. and OH! I’ve been drinking 2 drops in big glass of water,  it reminds me of LEMONADE ON A HOT SUMMER DAY without all the sugar!!

I’ll admit I was not too sure,  but after these few successes, I’m now a believer and definitely want to start collecting, learning, trying, and seeing the OILY endings!

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