Julie Blocher

Clarksville, IN

Pushing 50 and looking for ultimate health

I have been involved in fitness/wellness for a majority of my life. I have always enjoyed learning how the body works and how you can get it to work as efficiently as possible. I have learned that there are multiple pieces to the “wellness puzzle” and each person has to find what works for them. As I was introduced to Young Living essential oils, this excitement started to build up inside me, another piece of the puzzle. I have studied massage, nutrition, and exercise and learn more and more each day about the strengths of essential oils. It amazes me how powerful each one of these oils can be. As I am quickly approaching 50, my goal is to be in the best health that I can be and I feel that Young Living essential oils will help me with that goal. No matter how old you may be, you can always improve your health. Whether its beginning an exercise program or a nutrition plan don’t ignore the power of Young Living essential oils. This is your opportunity to take charge of your health and I would love to help you find your pathway.

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B.S. in Sports Studies with a specialization in Athletic Training
YMCA Senior Healthy Living Director
Using oils since July 27, 2017
Clarksville, IN essential oils
YL Member #: 12501320

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