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Domestic Goddess of 4..... Skeptic turned Oily Believer!

I’m a mother of 4 crazy girls, all seven and under. I consider myself levelheaded, stubborn, head strong, assertive, giving, caring, loving, and above all…. brutally honest. In the past year and half I’ve been making changes around my household to further benefit my family. I got so sick of the “pharmacy” that I had in my house. My entire family was on several medications because of asthma and allergies. When I first heard of essential oils, well, I thought it was a load of crap. However, when you are so frustrated over your children getting sick with the same issues over and over…. you will try anything. I’m so glad I did. Essential Oils have altered my families lives for the better.

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When I first started doing shows for my jewelry business I got sunburned. When I say sunburned, I mean like crisp critter crab colored and almost had sun poisoning! It was the worst ever. They say Lavender is the swiss army knife of Essential Oils..... I believe it! I used it with aloe vera and vitamin E oil all over every few hours. I was dramatically less red and not in pain after the first 2 applications. By the next day I felt fine and by the second I was rockin a great tan!!

— Karen Vu

My kids suffer from Allergies and Asthma. They used to be congested at night all the time. Emphasis on "used to". RC and Peace & Calm helped aid in their "respiratory function" as well as their sleep.

— Karen Vu
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I'm a Domestic Goddess, Skeptic turned Believer!! I now have my own hand crafted Diffuser Jewelry business! Want to learn more.....want pure honesty..... message me and I will get back to you ASAP!! Rock on!

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Diffuser Jewelry

What is Diffuser Jewelry?

Posted by Karen
April 20, 2016

What is Diffuser Jewelry?…..

When I first started playing with Essential oils, my biggest concern was how in the hell was I going to get my six year old to put more oils on her during school. Ya, I totally trust her to rub herself in some oils….NOT! I started doing research on this dilemma. The one thing that made since was diffuser jewelry. Jewelry that my child or anyone could wear that I could apply her oils to. Then they would naturally release the aromatic benefits throughout the day. Sounded pretty awesome to me.

In my experience I’ve found that Genuine Leather, Clay, and Natural Lava Rock are the best sources to use with essential oils. I made my children some jewelry and because the overall response was so well, I started my own business. KKsCreativeWorks .

Genuine Leather: With Genuine Leather, you apply your essential oil (2-3 drops) on the back and enjoy. I’ve found it lasts 2-7 days.

Clay: I make all my clay jewelry with little unsealed hearts on the back. You add 1 drop and rub it in that spot.  With clay the more you use it the better it absorbs. It takes awhile before it starts absorbing faster but when it does it works great. Lasts a few days.

Natural Lava Rock: I only use natural Lava Rock. This stone is great for absorbing the oil. 2 drops and you’re good to go! Lasts a few days. The great thing about lava rock is, if you don’t want to mix scents, you can rinse the stone with mild soap and let air dry for 12 hours. So wonderful!!


Well, I hope you learned a little something!! Check out my site. I do custom orders as well. Thank you for your time. Rock On!

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