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After a lifetime of physical pain

I have struggled with my health since I was about 12 with the onset of puberty and many hormonal problems. After years of pain, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (P.C.O.S) and had several surgeries starting at 19. Many of my symptoms had to be managed with narcotics and I would miss days of school once a month due to pain. Fast forward several years and marriage. I was told I wouldn’t be able to have children because of my condition, I ended up getting pregnant but had the most painful pregnancy with a cyst that ruptured and other dangerous conditions. During my pregnancy, I started having symptoms that would later be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Most recently I was diagnosed with Fibroids in my uterus and have been encouraged to get a Hysterectomy. I also suffer from painful fibrous breast tissue. The most recent health issue involved getting an ultrasound for pain that mimicked a gallbladder attack but ended up being an ulcer with a recommendation to stop taking all NSAIDs due to the discovery of a fatty tissue infiltration of the liver. I did take a lot of ibuprofen over the years due to all of the pain I experienced from my different ailments. As a result of all of these health struggles, my immune system was very weak and I was extremely susceptible to every cold and germ that was going around. In February 2016, I used my tax return to treat myself for Valentine’s Day with the Premium Starter Kit. I had been hearing about essential oils for the past two years but didn’t take the plunge due to the cost. As a single mom, I had a hard time spending money on myself, but my now 9 year old was experiencing serious respiratory issues due to severe allergies. Many people suggested how they would help my son as well as myself. Once my kit arrived, it started working immediately for my son who had an upper respiratory infection and cough. He hates taking the yucky tasting medicines and was happy when I diffused R.C., Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint next to him one night. I also rubbed R.C. on his back and feet. He didn’t cough the whole night and woke up feeling much better the next day. I started using Thieves to boost my immune system and PanAway to manage the pain. It has been 6 months since I started using Young Living Essential Oils and I have replaced most of the over the counter medicines my son and I would need for colds, flu, pain and allergies. I have so many testimonials of how the YLEO have changed our lives. We are both healthier and happier. I now reach for oils instead of pills. My son asks for the oils when he has a scrape, burn or bite and loves how Lavender and Cedarwood help him fall asleep quicker. I use DiGize and Peppermint in a rollerball for my ulcer and I take Thieves daily to strengthen my immune system. At the first sign of a sore throat I increase my Thieves for added support. I haven’t had to take an antibiotic since March. I have used oils to help when I felt a sinus or ear infection start. I love to diffuse every night and can change what I put in depending on my physical or emotional needs. My pain levels have decreased significantly, my energy has increased and I have an overall feeling of well being. I have used Progessence Plus and EndoFlex to help bring my hormones into balance and had my first pain free period as a result. I can’t believe I waited so long to start using oils and I am so thankful for how the oils have helped my son and I. I recently purchased an iTOVi scanner to further help our support our health journey. The iTOVi scanner will use the biometric energy from your body to pinpoint any deficiencies your body is experiencing and suggest specific oils or supplements that will support those areas. The first time I was scanned was in March when I had just experienced the loss of my Grandma and was getting ready to go to her funeral. I scanned for emotional oils that would help support what my body was feeling as a result of the loss. I would love to help you in your health journey because I have seen how the oils have helped every area of my life. Let me know how I can support you and if you are interested in getting scanned let me know. The link to start your Young Living Essential Oil journey is

I would love to see everyone I love get the results I have from Young Living Essential Oils.

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