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Bowling Green, Franklin, KY

Hi there! Coming to see anything interesting? Are you curious about essential oils? What are they? How do you use them? My name is Jessica and I too was once on this search for answers about the new ways to support my body without chemicals. I am a health insurance agent for a local owned business in my area, to which I love! I am married, with two dogs, and I inherited a son. My little family is special to me. I love to shop, dress up, and play with my dogs.

October 2017 I began my journey to part ways with medicinal forms of help for my body, because truly who knows what it was doing to me, but it wasn’t giving me the results that I wanted. In 2016, I was diagnosed with panic anxiety disorder and was prescribed a medication to take twice daily. In the beginning that worked, everything was “happy go lucky” you could say. But at about week 3, my husband started asking me more questions about myself and how I was feeling. He described me as a zombie. The little irritating things that annoyed me before, seemed like ants to me now. I didn’t care. I had zero fear, zero anxiety, but at what cost? That medicine I was taking to find peace just ended up taking the things away that made me who I am. So I began further researching Young Living. I went to a class about their oils and decided that night I was getting started on this journey.

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