Jennifer Gregory

Alexandria, VA

I may be known as a natural health enthusiast, but I am a LOVER of Young Living Essential Oils!!!

I am big on research; need the whys and hows, I spent tons of time reading and researching essential oils, and how they work on the human body, (SO AMAZING!!) researching different essential oil companies as well. I had to be able to completely trust both because not only did I want to support my health and wellness, but that of my husband, children, and eight precious grandchildren. We began using essential oils, saw huge results right away, and THAT is just the beginning of my story. We all have one, we all need to support our health and wellness, and we all NEED Young Living Essential Oils. I truly believe that. Contact me and let’s chat about your story and how YL EOs can help you.

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The Mona, UT Farm
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B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies
Essential Oils Lover & Educator, Business Builder, Silver Leader in Young Living
Using oils since April 03, 2014
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