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There’s so much more to oils than meets the eye…or nose! I had no idea what a grand adventure I was stepping into almost 3 years ago. Who knew all that was “contained” in those beautiful, fragrant little bottles:

For me, Young Living oils and products are about freedom…the freedom that comes with lots of trusted natural options.

They are about confidence…now I have natural tools to support my own and my kids’ health–in a way that is positive and fun, for me and for them!

They are about empowerment…the chance to take greater responsibility for my health.

They are about community…the bond between “oily gurus” is unique and deep.

Come experience this journey with me!

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Smelly Nellie

Welcome to my fragrant life!

A natural day is a good day...every day!

Posted by Janel
April 27, 2017

I’ve been working hard on my health for the last 10 years, because chronic illness forced me to. Now I know that an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. Friends, I beg you to listen to your body and integrate healthful choices into your day.

It’s the little things, right? The little things we do every day that add up to strong or weak bodies. I had no idea the products I was using to clean my body and home every day were actually working against my health and happiness. Thank God for Young Living’s oils and products that promote healthy bodies and minds, while also getting the job done!

Here’s what a beautiful oily day (every day!) looks like for me…

I mosey (or fly, depending on how long I’ve lain in bed) into the bathroom, and wake up my mouth with Aromabright Toothpaste (on a Sonicare toothbrush ; )) for a fresh burst, and Thieves Mouthwash which just feels like it’s working. I also gargle with it for an extra immune boost.

Before YL, I would floss religiously (like, even on our honeymoon), but every single time I went to the dentist, the hygienist said, “Um, do you floss?” Of course, the Sonicare helped a ton, but it wasn’t until I switched to YL toothpaste that not only am I saved the “Flossing and dental care 101” lecture, but a few weeks ago the hygienist said I didn’t have tartar under my gums where most people have it!

Also, I used to have to buy “sensitive” toothpaste, even the prescription one from the dentist, but now most of my tooth sensitivity is ancient history.

This article explains why you should be concerned about non-natural dental floss (yeah, sad). Thankfully, YL has healthy floss too!

I feel so spoiled during my shower by…this stuff! MY Morning Start Bath and Shower Gel. I really feel this was formulated just for me, I love the smell so much, and I take a moment to soak in how rich I feel…pure luxury. Then I brainstorm on how to get this stuff to all my friends. ; ) Of course, my nose has already been tickled by my favo Vanilla Copaiba Shampoo and Conditioner, another heaven-and-angels-singing smell.

After my shower, I pour Hydrogized water over my hair and body to support youthful and healthy skin. Then I rub Genesis (or Lavender, or Sensation) lotion on my face, which is perfect moisturization for under makeup. And homemade body butter on the rest of me (which also makes a wonderful “carrier oil” to rub on with essential oils, esp with the kids).

Next I do my daily morning oils routine (click the link, then click the video…pardon the scary morning face), which includes Peppermint to wake-up and breathe, Valor or Black Spruce or Pine over adrenals, Joy over heart or wrists, Stress Away on neck, Endoflex over thyroid, Progessence Plus on neck and forearms to support hormone balance and adrenal hormone production, and Idaho Balsam Fir for more patience with the kids.

Now it’s time for a splash of Purification on my pits to support detox and low odor. Purification was my first fav! Then I apply Dentarome Ultra toothpaste (yes, toothpaste) as deodorant, just a pea-size under each arm. It works better than the YL deodorant (though that smells lovely too), and any other natural deodorant, right Bronwyn? I think that’s what you said. Anyway, it’s not perfect, but washing my shirts is way better than getting some aluminum-induced awful disease later in life!

I take my oils case downstairs with me to keep on the kitchen counter and use during the day as needed. And yes, we need them and use them! (Skin support, stress and mood support, energy support, etc.)

The citrus oils (Lemon, Lime, Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, and Citrus Fresh) live in the cabinet over my water pitcher and glass. Along with Ocotea (healthy blood sugar balance), Spearmint (thyroid support), and Slique Essence (metabolism and blood sugar balance). I put a drop of essential oil in 2-4 glasses/water-bottles per day, in addition to the un-oiled water and herbal tea I drink…according to what I think my body needs that day, or what taste appeals to me (Lime!).

Also living in that cabinet are Oregano, Lemongrass, and Thyme to put in capsules with Frankincense and Thieves (and olive or avocado oil) for powerful immune support when I feel I need it. This is my own version of YL’s Inner Defense, which is also amazing and convenient.

With breakfast I take Master Formula (multivitamin like no other!), Essentialzyme (to help digest my food, with every meal), Super C tablets (extra adrenal support), and sometimes Super B (energy support). And after breakfast…dessert! One to two ounces of the luscious Ningxia Red (and watch the kids come running…or at least one will usually ask for some if they see it out). In the winter I give them each about 1/2 oz per day for immune support and overall wellness. As for me, my body says “thank you” immediately after drinking 1-2 oz with a big “ahhhhh,” more energy, less brain fog, and better blood sugar balance.

Between meals I take Sulfurzyme for adrenal support. With dinner I take Life 9 (hello regularity!). And before bed I take a scoop of MegaCal (awesome calcium and magnesium blend, which helps get me ready for sleep).

Speaking of sleep, at the kids’ bedtime, I often apply Thieves (30 drops in an empty Thieves bottle, fill the rest with carrier oil, and pop on an Aromaglide Fitment rollerball) to their feet for immune support, and my blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, and German (or Roman) Chamomile (also available as the Tranquil Roll-on) to their little hyper necks and under noses.

As I prepare for bed myself, I luuuuv the Orange Blossom Face Wash which (in conjunction with my beloved Morning Start) has christened my face with blissfully clearer skin. (A colon cleanse using the Cleansing Trio: Comfortone, ICP, and Essentialzyme, was the foundation for that wonderful skin clarity.) And I like to splash cold Hydrogize water on my face to maintain youthful skin. I try to drink this water during the day as well, though my mommybrain often forgets to drink it in time within the 15 after it’s “made.” Sigh, something to work on. ; )

At least one of our 3 diffusers upstairs (with one downstairs) is usually running at night with sleep oils like Lavender/Cedarwood/Frankincense together, Peace & Calming, Bergamot, Surrender, Ylang Ylang, or Sleepyize. Sweet dreams…

Next morning, repeat. Cock-a-doodle-doo, it’s another oily day!

Dream, nightmare, dream fulfilled!

Posted by Janel
July 28, 2017

My dream was to get married at 20, have 10 kids, and live barefoot on a farm. Instead I ended up single, with no kids, and living in the city. But…I loved it (the city at least).

I love serving the Lord and people, and had the privilege of working for several Christian ministries, nonprofits, and public service avenues for most of my single years, including Ravi Zacharias Ministries, a nonprofit organization in Chicago, GA state legislature, US Congress, McLean Presbyterian Church, and Grace DC.

After five years in DC, I crashed with adrenal fatigue and Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. As in, I went from waving at everyone from the fast lane, to sitting on the shoulder with a t-shirt stuck in my window, um, so to speak.

Getting out of bed was an accomplishment. Walking to the end of the Metro platform seemed monumental…”and if I don’t get a seat, I might faint, or worse…” Stairs were almost impossible. Sitting at my desk all day, I felt like I had the flu. My calendar went from full to almost empty. I lived through John Grisham books because my life was so boring. And forget shopping or playing the radio on my car…who knew they took exorbitant amounts of energy?

Thus began a 10-year health journey and a passion to keep others from this draggy place.

Through natural remedies I slowly rebuilt my health and was able to get married (to a wonderful man)! And have three beautiful girls, including twins! Dreams do come true. ; ) We still don’t live in the country…but we brought the country into our home. Read on.

Fast-forward to when the twins had just turned two and were still not sleeping through the night. Having three challenging babies who didn’t sleep well had taken its toll on this already-fatigued mama. And mommy-explosions were happening too often.

My Mom had told me a little about essential oils right after the twins were born and through my fog I murmured, “Uh-huh…is it nap time yet?”

Two years later, I heard a bit more about oils through my Mom and my Father-in-law, and my friend Lauren Vandermeer. I was curious, but not enough to go poking around between naptimes and chasing two toddlers.

When a FB invite for an oils class popped up in my inbox, I rolled my eyes. Not another one of those mass invites. But my friend Bronwyn Deiter had written me a personal note, saying she’d thought of me several times and that oils were helping her. Since we had the same health issues, I carved out an evening to watch the videos.

I was always looking for more energy, and for natural remedies to help my kids’ many issues. But I’d never found something that was powerful enough to do the job. After talking to Steve, examining the budget and figuring I could replace alot of what I was taking with oils, within a week I had purchased my starter kit! My Father-in-law had generously offered us access to his entire stash of oils, but after learning about YL’s Seed to Seal commitment to purity (and getting excited by the blends…less work for me trying to mix stuff together!), I turned down his generous offer in order to buy oils I knew I could trust.

We came home from the beach sunburned, to find our kit on the front porch. I opened up the box and started rubbing Lavender and Frankincense on our skin, Purification on a baby’s bottom, and started seeing results right away. I thought this just “happened,” but now I know that I made the *decision* to make oils our primary go-to for every issue that came up–physical, mental, and emotional. And in probably 8 times out of 10, they were exactly the support our bodies needed!

Then I had a problem. I couldn’t just listen to my friends emote about their families’ health issues, nod sympathetically, promise to pray for them, and move on. I had to at least tell them about these oils our family loved, and then they could decide if they wanted to learn more.

Many did want to learn more! And then some of them wanted to tell their friends as well. And now I have the deep satisfaction and awe of knowing that God used me (the girl who could barely make it up two flights of stairs 10 years ago) to make a positive difference (and sometimes a big one!) in many lives.


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