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I love being a professional counselor in private practice! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing others grow and heal. Most people just want to be happy and I’m big on creating daily habits and using practical tools to achieve this. I personally use essential oils every day to stay happy and healthy. I’m also big on research and have studied research-based acupoints on the body that induce a calm state of mind. I blend these two concepts together applying essential oils to acupoints when working with emotions. I’d love to teach you about oils and acupoints! Want to join my oily team? Fill out the info under ‘Contant Jana Rupnow’ and I’ll be touch. Also, follow me @ JanaRupnowLPC!

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Ignite Your Intention

Posted by Jana
May 24, 2016
Intentions with Oils
Setting Intentions with Oils

Intentions are related to goal setting. I write 4-5 goals down at the beginning of the year and I encourage you to also!

While goal setting is the big plan, setting an intention is a habit that will help you reach your goal. Intentions are like your free-spirited aunt. They don’t have to be specific, nailed down or follow a certain protocol. Intentions don’t really have an end and a beginning. They can simply be a single word that you repeat daily.



I ignite my intentions using essential oils. I use a specific oil like Abundance or Clarity, think about what the word means and ask for it in my life. It’s like I’m attaching my desire to a smell molecule and releasing it in the air to take off. I won’t try to control it or know what’s coming. All I have to do it believe that it works. Make intention setting a habit by doing it daily and you’ll see some pretty amazing stuff begin to unfold in your life. Follow me on social media for examples of how I ignite my intentions with oils!


Posted by Jana
May 24, 2016
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