Jaime Fugate

Bowling Green, KY

A wife and mother who delivers mail, but has a passion for oils, and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Not only do I love essential oils, I love all things leading to a healthier lifestyle. I have been using essential oils for over 16 years. I worked for a company called Melaleuca, Inc. for 8 years. All their products were designed around one oil. But, I was over-joyed to discover Young Living! They are the pioneer of the oil industry. My passion is talking one on one with people about oils, supplements, and household and personal care products that improve their quality of life. I didn’t even know my love of oils would lead to a business. I shared what I discovered helped me and my family with a few friends, co-workers, and other family, blinked, and had 100 in my down line. BOOM!

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Young Living Executive
Essential Oils Educator
Performs iTOVi Scans

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The Mona, UT Farm
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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Minor in Business Administration, from Western Kentucky University
Mail Carrier with USPS, Young Living Independent Distributor, worked at another essential oil company called Melaleuca, Inc. for 8 years
Using oils since May 15, 2000
Bowling Green, KY essential oils
YL Member #: 1990054

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