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Hello, and welcome! My name is Gianna Behning and I am an oily guru.  Joining young living has freakin changed my life. Before I got involved with this amazing company, I had no clue about how toxic my every day choices were for me and my family. Ignorance is not an excuse and it is my duty as a mother and a wife and a dog mama to protect my family in anyway that I can control.  Young living makes it seamless to incorporate and ditch and switch to plant-based products.   Just because I was raised using store-bought traditional cleaning products, burning popular candles, dousing myself in chemical filled perfumes does not negate the fact that those products are harming us without us even thinking twice about them.  When you know better you do better. It is our duty to know better! & I am here to help you change your life one oil at a time. ♥️

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