Wendy Bruton

Salem, OR

Peace, Love, & Hot Flashes

I am not a big believer in woo-woo. I am a researcher, scientist, lover of all things factual. I have a PhD for goodness sake!!! The truth is that I thought essential oils were nice and all…. but I had no idea how powerful they actually were.

Four years ago my story with oils started. I bought a kit of oils for my office. At the time I was the director of a counseling center in Salem, OR, and I wanted it to smell nice and pretty! I didn’t believe that there could be any actual therapeutic benefit from them. As time went on I began to see how, time after time, essential oils were making an impact on people’s emotional state. They were letting go of past hurt. They were able to regulate their emotions in new skillful ways. The results became too much to deny… even for me! I realized that I needed to find out how they worked. I loved learning that there was real SCIENCE behind it!! REAL SCIENCE! Essential oils were created to work in your body in a way that brings everything back to balance!

I need balance!! How about you???

I realized at the time that I needed these oils in my life, not just professionally, but also personally. I had entered a time in my life where all my emotions were out of wack!! And not just my emotions… but my whole body! (stupid menopause) I started feeling like I was a bit out of control… out of control of my mood… my responses to friends and family… and defiantly out of control of my internal thermometer!!!  I felt like I was loosing myself and I needed to find a way to get back to me!


One of my very good friends walked beside me and just said…


And I believed her. I am so glad I did. Since I started using oils as part of my every day routine I feel much more balanced… in control… I don’t feel like I have the “lady crazies” any more!! AND my hot flashes are SO MUCH BETTER!! (Note: If you haven’t entered this time of life yet… just trust me… this is a BIG DEAL!!) I became a believer!

What is going on in your life that needs to change? Do you need sleep?? Do you need to stop being in pain? Do you need to be able to focus? Do you need to be less sad, less anxious, more confident? All of these things can be helped with oils! Let me be your friend…


Let me introduce you to oils. Come learn how they work… why they work… Come learn how to change your life.


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