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After a bad horseback riding accident, I lost my Joy while riding.  I have been working my way back from fear into JOY, and now, using Essential Oils, one drop at a time, I am enjoying riding again!  The oils are also helping the horses I rescue to overcome their fears and bring JOY back into their lives!  Essential Oils help with Health, Courage, and living the life of joy again for people and animals overcoming stress.  I am passionate about helping others that have suffered to bring joy into their lives as well.

There are some things that can help with courage. Fear comes in all shapes and sizes and can have challenges I cannot even imagine. The journey through fear is one that has many rewards for those that pursue the journey.

Joy, Thieves and Stress Away have changed my life from fear to Joy with riding my horses again!

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Show Jumper, Trail Rider, Barefoot Trimmer, Real Estate Investor and Thoroughbred Rescuer
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Humans - Horses - the Heart Connection

There may be support for you and your horse that comes from the amazing world of Plants!

Can Plants Support Horses with Cushings and their Owners?

Posted by Elise
April 24, 2019

The stress of getting a diagnosis of Cushings can be overwhelming for horse owners.  There is so much information out there for the horse but owners have to also deal with the stress of knowing their beloved partner has this disease.

We can turn to plants to support us owners in this journey and also to support our equine friends in their ability to cope with the disease.

Stress Away is a great Oil Blend to relax and refocus us as we dive into research for helping our 4 legged friend.  Peace and Calming can also help us process the emotions that arise from a serious diagnosis like Cushings (PPID).

There may also be options for our partners that come from plants.  First note is that the horse must always have the choice and not be forced during this process.  They know what they need and what the don’t need and we are the conduit to provide them with their best life and what they need to support their best life.  Here are a few ideas to help support our equine friends:

  • CortiStop – Helps to manage Cordisol levels and reduce the Adrenal Load
  • EndoGize – Helps to support the Endocrine system.
  • During the morning, These may offer Support:
    • Frankincense
    • Fennel
    • Clary Sage
  • During the Evening, These may offer Support:
    • Idaho Balsam Fir
    • Copaiba

I had no idea there are actually things out there they may support us owners and our horses while processing and managing something like a diagnosis of Cushings.


Posted by Elise
June 19, 2019

I almost let Fear stop me from riding my amazing horses!  I hear it so often, when I was younger, I was fearless and then as I got older, fear creeped in or more often, JUMPED in and took over.  How many times have you avoided riding because you fear you might get hurt?  Or get run away with? Or get bucked off?  We all have our “FEAR” and what stops us for doing the thing we LOVE.  Unfortunately, our horses feel that fear too and it really isn’t fair to them.  They feel our fear and we ask them to do the very thing we are fearing, go for a ride.  If you would like to get a few ideas that might help you out with this, I am going to share some things that have worked for me and some ideas I will be trying.

  1. Welcome – This is my process that is working for me, hopefully, it gives you a spark of hope and inspiration
  2. Congratulations – recognizing and accepting your fear and taking even one step is a huge start – being here means you are open to seeing what is out there to help
  3. What is Fear
    1. One of the most Intense emotions – Keeps prey safe from predators
    2. Difference between Anxiety and Fear – Anxiety is the anticipation of something bad happening, Fear is a natural response to a threat, either real or perceived
  4. Find your base Fear – Identify and put it into words – this can take some time. You have to peel the layers of fear and anxiety to get to the real fear.  For me, when I find the real fear, I can feel it physically.  When you get there, write it down what is the very base fear.
  5. Feel your fear, Feelings are your Feedback – Where does it reside, For me, it is in my throat.
    1. Throat
    2. Chest
    3. Belly
    4. Back of the neck
    5. Other, everyone is different
  6. So now you have your root base fear, what do you do with that? There are some things that need to be considered:
    1. Mindset is so powerful
      1. Every thought causes a chemical change
      2. You can only think one thought at a time
      3. Our thoughts come before our reality
    2.  Smell
      1. 10,000 times more acute than other senses
      2. Smell travels faster to the brain than any other of our senses, can we use that to interrupt our fear pattern?
      3. Smell can trigger emotional and physical responses along with vivid memories
  1. So, how do we combine these two pieces of information


Think about your fear, which is the worst case scenario

Think about the BEST case scenario.  If you have a memory of doing it before that was awesome or amazing, immerse yourself into that memory.


Make this real……..

Make it as close to the fear as possible


FEAR:           I fell off Taika and I am afraid of getting hurt again

BEST:           Taika and I had an amazing ride, we were so in tune and it was effortless.


Think about the details, the nitty gritty, the more the better

What does it look like?

What does it sound like?

What does it feel like, what are you touching, what does it feel like?

What does it smell like?  Are there flower blooming, or the smell of water in the creek?


Create the most intense picture in your mind of your ideal outcome.

We are creating new thoughts which we said above creates change!

We are creating new thoughts which we said above creates reality!

AT this point I use Essential Oils and this is where smell comes in.  They SET the BEST scene into my memory.

The critical thing here is to use smell as a trigger to get back to this calm, relaxing, peaceful place in your mind when you are in the situation.  I use two.

  1. Thieves – it makes me feel invincible. Think about the thieves going in to the houses where the plague had already claimed lives and robbing them, think of the courage that would require.  Thieves is my go-to for courage.
  2. Stress Away – it makes me feel like I am laying on the bottom of the ocean, looking up through the kelp beds with the sunlight shining through and the fish gently swimming around. It is a powerful emotion that I have linked to Stress Away.


How do I use the smells?

I have a diffuser bracelet with Thieves on the Lava beads and I have another one with Stress Away.


When I go to work with the horses, I put the picture in my head of the outcome that I want and I smell the Stress Away to put me into that place of relaxation.  As I am starting to work with the horses and riding them, if I feel like my courage is wavering, I smell the Thieves and put myself into that place of courage, I can do anything, I have done it before.

If I feel anxiety building, I smell the Stress Away and I breath.

  1. Practice the courage
    1. Courage takes practice. I think feeling your fear while you are sitting in your garden or having a cup of tea on your porch is a great way to practice courage.  As you really feel that fear, switch the image to the one you have created of courage and the best outcome.  Put yourself into that amazing space in your mind, FEEL IT.  The feeling it is important for rewiring you brain in my opinion.  As you are feeling it, smell the oils that you have chosen to work with.  That smell will help you when you start to loose courage while doing the scary thing, you will have practiced and the smell is so powerful at bringing you back to the place of piece and courage.
    2. Once you get closer to your fear event, take it is small doses. With my fear of riding, I had some great advice, RIDE 4 STEPS.  That is it, ride 4 steps.  Then make a decision, get off, ride 4 more steps, or just pause and feel how you are feeling.  Do this over and over and you will finally be doing 10 steps….and then 40 steps….and then 400 steps…..you will relearn!
  2. Feel the courage
    1. As you are practicing before facing the event or activity, feel what courage feels like. For me, Thieves is amazing for courage, I feel connected to those robbers in starting in 1413 that had the courage to go into a deadly situation with courage.  It was known as the Black Death.  Can you imagine facing the BLACK DEATH?
    2. I can feel myself riding my mare, enjoying the sun and the rhythm of her footfall. I can feel her confidence in me, she is sure footed and stepping lightly.  The trail is amazing, winding through the Kentucky hillsides with Black Walnut, Oak and Sycamore looking down on us and I can feel them smiling as their leaves wave gently back and forth.  The rich smell of the forest floor beneath our feet.  The breeze is keeping the temperature perfect and gently rubbing on my arms and face.  I am so blessed to have this amazing mare.
  3. Be Grateful
    1. Be grateful for your fear, it is showing you a path to growth
    2. Be grateful for your courage to try and learn more
    3. Be grateful that every day is a brand new day and you can change your life however you want, you can go in any direction
    4. I am so grateful for the ability to share my journey with you.
    5. I am so grateful for the beautiful lady that introduced me to the healing properties of these oils!


Currently scheduling one on one to help you work through your Courage Vision so let me know if you would like a partner to work through this!

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