Deleese Pryor

Temple, TX

An ER nurse who loves Essential Oils

As a Registered Nurse and mom of six, I possess an acute interest in Health and Wellness. We began using Young Living Essential Oils in June 2013, and what a difference they have made in our family! Although we had already cultivated a healthy lifestyle, I was shocked at the way these oils propelled our family’s ability to remain above the wellness line. So effective, in fact, that I soon found myself ordering textbooks because I wanted to understand the science behind them. Today, we teach and share about Young Living’s quality essential oils, supplements and more – simply because it seems inhumane to keep it to ourselves. Ready to learn more? We can help!

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Registered Nurse
RN (Emergency Dept), Mom of six, Essential Oils Educator
Using oils since June 25, 2013
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