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For as long as I can remember I had always been intrigued by plants. In particular, how they can affect our well-being and support natural wellness. I’d use them alone, in capsule form, or brewed in tea, so it was only natural that I would gravitate toward using essential oils, and I am so glad that I did!

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So, What IS an Essential Oil, Anyway?

Posted by Dawn
April 16, 2016

An essential oil is the concentrated liquid that is extracted from a plant, usually by a process called distillation.  Although it is called an oil, it’s not the typical “cooking” variety that people are most familiar with.  The plant liquid is more dense, making it impossible to mix with water, which is why it is classified as an oil.  Many essential oils are very thin, allowing them to flow as easily as water.

What makes an oil “essential” is that the distillation captures the “essence” of the plant, or the fragrance, and if processed properly, the therapeutic benefits as well.  Often, essential oils are made just with the fragrance in mind, so little care is given to the temperature in which the plant is heated.  Much like over-cooking a vegetable will break down life giving nutrients, distilling an essential oil at too high of a temperature will neutralize any beneficial properties the plant has to offer.

There are three main ways an essential oil is used.  Aromatically, oils are used in perfumes, soap making, and other hand-crafted items requiring a scent.  They are often used in cooking because they are much more potent and flavorful than their herb or spice counterparts.  Most commonly, however, essential oils are used to help to support the body’s natural well being.

Although becoming more popular in recent years, essential oils  can seem rather intimidating to some.  Believe it or not, they have been around for thousands of years, and  many ancient civilizations have used essential oils and herbs for their amazing therapeutic properties.  Several of our modern day drugs can trace their roots back to these very oils!    Essential oils have proven to be a very powerful, natural  tool that have withstood the test of time.

With these things in mind, I have chosen to use Young Living oils for our family’s wellness needs.  They have had over 20 YEARS of experience perfecting their growing and distilling processes.  Young Living takes pride in creating the best products possible, and I am very impressed with their “Seed to Seal” process.  If I’m going to be using the oils both on and in the bodies of the people I care about, I want to make sure I’m using the very best!

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