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Just a girl who celebrates everything in life, especially OILS!!!

Hey!  I am totally stoked you stumbled upon my page.    My goal is to give you HOPE!  Some of my battle scars include depression and OCD, skin issues, stomach issues, infertility, menopause in my thirties, and year long allergies.  I sound like a real GEM, huh?  You might be asking yourself, “Why would she tell us this?”  I will tell you why?  Before oils, I was afraid to ask for help!  I was embarrassed to share my battle scars!  What would people think?  But not anymore!  Young Living Essential Oils  have given me back my life.  These oils have  put me in the driver seat  of my own health!  WOOT! WOOT!  All my battle scars are a thing of the past!  I HAVE THE TOOLS to support my own wellness.  Let me share them with you!  What do you say, you want to join my PARTY?

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