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Slique CitraSlim™
Herbal Supplement

Slique CitraSlim™ Herbal Supplement

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Slique CitraSlim™ tip
Helps support healthy weight management and healthy energy levels
Slique CitraSlim™ tip
May help support the break down of triglycerides stored in fat tissue
Slique CitraSlim™ Herbal Supplement can be ingested
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Slique CitraSlim™ Herbal Supplement

Slique CitraSlim™ is a revolutionary weight-management product that is formulated with synergistic ingredients designed to help promote healthy weight management when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Slique CitraSlim is formulated with naturally derived ingredients, including a proprietary citrus extract blend, which may help support the body in burning excess fat*. This polyphenolic mixture of flavonoids offers powerful antioxidants that are touted for their health-promoting benefits. This polyphenolic mixture of flavonoids offers powerful antioxidants that are touted for their health benefits.

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Important facts about Slique CitraSlim™ from Young Living

This blend may also support the release of free fatty acids that help break down fat. Slique CitraSlim is designed to assist in your healthy weight-management goals in conjunction with other Young Living Slique products.

  • Helps burn fat
  • Supports a healthy metabolism
  • Helps support healthy weight management and healthy energy levels
  • May help support the break down of triglycerides that are stored in the body’s fat tissue
  • May support the release of free fatty acids that help break down fat and help to product additional energy
  • Reduces oxidative stress

*This product is intended for individuals 18 or older and to be used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet, nutritious diet and regular exercise. Consult with your health care provider prior to beginning any weight-management program, if you are taking medications, or if you have any health concerns.

Q. Why did you reformulate Slique CitraSlim powder capsules?

A. At Young Living, we continuously strive to improve our products by using new technologies and better delivery systems to improve the efficacy and quality of our products. As soon as we found new scientific approaches that would increase the benefits of the Slique line, we immediately started working on their reformulation.

Q. Why does Slique CitraSlim only contain one oil capsule?

A. With the reformulation of the powder capsule and the use of the citrus-derived sinetrol, the most effective ratio for this new combination is one oil capsule instead of two.

Q. Are any Slique CitraSlim ingredients derived from corn, soy, dairy, or nuts? Is CitraSlim considered vegan or vegetarian?

A. Slique CitraSlim caps do not contain any corn, soy, dairy, or nut-derived ingredients. CitraSlim caps are considered both vegan and vegetarian.

Fort Nelson, BC Farm - Young Living
Click to learn more about the Saint Maries, ID Farm
Salalah Oman Farm - Young Living
Split, Croatia Farm - Young Living
Simiane-La-Rotonde, France Farm - Young Living
Highland Flats, ID Farm - Young Living
Mona, UT Farm - Young Living
Guayaquil, Ecuador Farm - Young Living
Map of Young Living Farms
The Young Living Farms
Amber Stier
Rose Chavez
Brandon Wilson

With Oily Gurus, you’re tapping into years of experience using essential oils. Plus, we’ve personally been to Young Living farms to hear their chemists and staff explain the Seed to Seal process.

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