Bergamot Vitality Essential Oil

Bergamot Vitality Essential Oil

Has a Distinct, Complex Flavor
Fresh, Citrus Taste
Bergamot Vitality Essential Oil can be ingested

Information about Bergamot Vitality

Bergamot Vitality™ essential oil has been used for centuries and is what gives Earl Grey Tea its distinctive, complex flavor. This oil is beloved for its fresh, citrus taste that is the perfect addition to many summer dishes. With a distinctly tart finish, it can also liven up sugarless baking recipes. Due to the bergamot’s pedigree lying between a sour orange and lemon it can complete a complex trifecta of zest seasoning for seafood meals.

Bergamot Vitality uses

  • Combine Dill Vitality essential oil with olive oil to use as seafood baste.
  • Include a drop to your stir fry to bring dimension and add a great depth of flavor.
  • Add a little Bergamot Vitality oil to Blue Agave Natural Sweetener and use as a topping for muffins and tarts.


Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ bergamot essential oil

(Citrus bergamia)

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