4th & Heart Ghee Butter

Fourth & Heart Vanilla Ghee

Fourth & Heart grass-fed ghee uses the highest quality grass-fed butter sourced from a cooperative of farms in New Zealand. Grass is naturally high in Vitamin A, D, E, K and CLA. When the cow’s milk is rich with these vitamins, it goes directly to the butter and therefore the ghee.

Butter = Milk Solids + Butter Fat + Water
Ghee = Butter – Milk Solids – Water

Ghee is just a higher dose of the good fat found in butter. Ghee is also rich in Butyric Acid which helps your gut digest foods, so it’s gut friendly for those with gut ailments such as gout, Chron’s and other autoimmune disease that follow the FODMAP diet, which doesn’t allow for processed oils of any kind. Ghee also helps your body assimilate other nutrients when eaten in conjunction with ghee.

Whether you’re simply a foodie enthusiast, home chef, bachelor that’s lost in the kitchen or following a hot new diet (Whole 30, Paleo, Macrobiotic) ghee is for you – GHEE is for everyone.

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