Oily Playdates Every Monday at 10AM

Oily Playdates Every Monday at 10AM
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Hi Neighbor,

If you don’t know me yet, please let me introduce myself! I’m Bella and I live on Elmira. My husband Scott and I LOVE living in Algiers Point and we have two daughters, 6 & 4 and a boy on the way!

I’m really into essential oils. We love them and they’re really popular with moms of young kids.

I’m going to start a little weekly class (Mondays at 10am) and would love to invite your family.

We’ll hang out in the backyard with our kids (weather permitting) for a playdate and I’ll give you the skinny on oils.

At least it’s a chance for some visiting while the kiddos play!

I also make money doing this for extra income for our family…so if you’re interested, ask me about it!

Text me at 504.909.8881 to let me know you’re coming (and to get the address)  I will have some coffee and tea!

See you this MONDAY at 10AM!


Bella Bedortha

I am so incredibly Blessed to wake up every day with energy and enthusiasm to work on becoming a better wife, mom, learner, teacher, therapist, person!  I am a Mom.  I work.  I love life.  It hasn’t always been easy.  Life has thrown us our share of curve balls and major challenges…some nearly devastating.  But through the Grace of God and His Gifts, we keep on keeping on.

As a parent, I have figured out that for ME, staying as healthy as I can is KEY to our family staying balanced and thriving.  For several years now, the secrets to our success have been prayer, movement, music, food and leading an OILY life.  As a massage therapist, I have the opportunity on a regular basis to support others as they discover and learn ways to enrich their own lives.  I have witnessed transformation after transformation of individual’s health, family’s harmony and entire lives thanks to Young Living support.

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Date: 07/03/2017
Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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