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Chad & Leeanne Brownell

Salem, OR

Essential Oils: A Bridge to Clean Living

Hi there! We are Chad & Leeanne – we’ve been married 13 years and have 3 crazy, wonderful kids. We strive to live life to the fullest and set our kids up for a long, happy, healthy life.

Essential Oils have allowed us to do both. They have been our bridge to natural living.

Essential Oils are a bit different than the oil you buy in the store.  They have incredible effects on the human body.

We use them all over our home – to get rid of chemical cleaning supplies, to support our immune systems and other major systems of the body, to calm our kids down, for stress, for sleep – we use them in our toothpaste, shampoo, laundry soap…

They are made of one thing: steam distilled or cold-pressed plants. No yuck. The only ingredient in lemon oil is lemon.

Did you know that the average person applies over 80 chemicals to their body before breakfast with soap, shampoo, makeup, and hair products? Did you also know the number one poison in the family home is fabric softener? Right behind that – air fresheners and candles.

If you flip a bottle over and can’t pronounce what’s on the label, you really shouldn’t be slathering it on your scalp, or putting it on your skin, or eating it, or washing your dishes with it.

We’ve replaced all these chemicals with essential oils! Ask us how!

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If you could wake up without one thing tomorrow - a feeling of frustration, stiffness, anything - what would that one thing be? Tell me for a free sample!

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My name is Chad & Leeanne and I'm a Salem, OR essential oils distributor ready to help you on your oily journey!

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My Why

My Why
Posted by Chad & Leeanne
My Why
January 25, 2017

It’s official, I am an Executive Distributor with Young Living! We started our clean living / essential oil journey in 2014 but at the time, I really didn’t want to start another business. I had just finished up as a jeweler with Premier Designs to volunteer at my kids’ school more and to focus on my family’s health.

That focus on health led us to discover Young Living! Essential Oils were our bridge to clean-living and reclaiming our health. At first, I hosted a handful of classes because I loved their products and was eager to share the life-changing benefits with others. Then life got busy, I worked at the school more, sports happened, etc. We still loved and used the oils and other toxin-free personal and home care products but that was it.

Fast-forward 2+ years, all three kids are in school full time and I started thinking about going back to work. (I’m so so grateful that my dear hubby has worked so hard to keep me home while our kids were little!) I still help out at school 3+ days a week and find myself busier than ever but I was feeling restless. I pursued a few job opportunities but nothing came of it. Chad suggested pursuing Young Living because, get this, even though I hadn’t done any classes or anything at all in over 2 years, I was still earning a residual income from my initial referral bonuses. More than enough to pay for my monthly order! But I don’t like sales so I really didn’t think I wanted another network marketing business. I prayed about it and then went on with life.

A few weeks later – right before Christmas when finances were super tight and I was reconsidering the job idea – I received a surprise call congratulating me on achieving Executive Rank with Young Living! What?!?! The friends I had referred 2-3 years ago were still sharing and building strong businesses under me. Only 0.6% of YL distributors reach this rank. I don’t feel like I deserve it but that’s the beauty of network marketing – I shared for a window of time and the ripple effect continued without me.

I just can’t deny or avoid it any longer. It’s time I start treating this as a business! I still don’t want to be “salesy.” I just want to share the amazing ways Young Living has blessed my family’s health and home. We’ve gotten rid of harmful chemicals in our cleaning supplies, strengthened our immune systems, supported our emotions and alleviated many health issues without medications. We sleep better, we eat better, and we are setting our kids up for a long and healthy life.

I want to share what I’ve learned and educate others about the clean-living lifestyle. I’ll be offering regular Clean-Living / Essential Oil 101 classes every month and eventually more themed classes. I’m excited to be able to support my family by helping others reach their own lifestyle goals.

So this is me being bold and announcing that I am your local YL contact – your Oily Guru! I’m not claiming to be an expert (it’s a journey!) but YL has blessed my family too much to keep it to myself!  If you’d like an invite to my next class, would like to meet 1 on 1, or know someone who might be interested, message or text me. Or continue browsing this new business page ( for more info about Young Living. I’d be happy to share how I started this clean-living journey and how you can too!

Thanks for reading this far. If you did, tell me and I’ll send you a free sample of one of my favorite products. 🙂

P.S. Hear me out, I share the business side of this for me because it’s reality – I want to support my family – but more importantly, I truly want to share the Wellness & Abundance my family has experienced though all Young Living has to offer. I can keep saying that it’s change my life – (because it has!) – but you won’t understand until you’ve tried it yourself.

So, if you could wake up without one thing tomorrow – a feeling of frustration, stiffness, anything – what would that one thing be?

Let me know and let’s start there!

Chad & Leeanne is a Salem essential oils distributor. Use the contact form to get in touch with Chad & Leeanne.